Yes. In each stadium and for all matches, FIFA Ticketing is offering a dedicated allocation of tickets for purchase by disabled people and people with limited mobility. These Accessibility Tickets (ATs) are offered in five types:

Wheelchair User: for users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters designed for the transportation of disabled people and people with limited mobility. Please note that such users must bring their own manual or electric wheelchairs as they will not be provided at the stadium. Spectators with a Wheelchair User ticket will be permitted to enter the stadium with a manual or electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter. For safety and security reasons, manual or electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters need to fulfil certain basic requirements: they can have 3-4 wheels; the maximum dimensions are 80cm in width and 130cm in length; the maximum turning radius is 90cm; the maximum turning width is 150cm; and their maximum speed must not be above 6km/h.

Easy Access Amenity: this type of seating is available for disabled people or people with limited mobility who do not use wheelchairs but may be unable to bend their knees or need more room to access their seat, using a walking aid or crutches. Amenity seats also provide extra space for disabled people with assistance dogs. Whenever possible, these seats have minimal step access.

Easy Access Standard: tickets for disabled people or people with limited mobility who do not need a wheelchair user place but require seating with minimal step access that is close to accessible amenities (e.g. accessible toilets).

Easy Access Extra-Width: this type of seat is for people (adults over 18 years of age) with a minimum body mass index (BMI) 40kg/m2.

Sensory Rooms: Sensory rooms will be available in 3 stadiums (Al Bayt Stadium, Lusail Stadium and Education City Stadium). Sensory rooms are for spectators with sensory access requirements who require a controlled sensory environment. This may benefit spectators who are intellectually disabled, autistic or who have a sensory processing disability, mental health issue or dementia. Wheelchair spaces are subject to availability due to stadium configuration and will be highlighted as a ticket category ‘Sensory Room Wheelchair User’ at point of application.

Successful applicants for Accessibility Tickets in the types Wheelchair User, Easy Access Standard, Easy Access Amenity and Sensory Room will be offered one additional ticket for free for a companion to assist and accompany them at the match. The companion must be able to provide all necessary assistance to the Accessibility Ticket holder. The companion will be seated as close as possible to the Accessibility Ticket holder; however, the exact location of the extra seat cannot be guaranteed. FIFA Ticketing cannot ensure that the seat for the companion will be immediately adjacent to that of the Accessibility Ticket holder.

Customers applying for Easy Access Extra-Width tickets are not entitled to request a complimentary ticket for a companion.

All Accessibility Ticket applicants may apply online using the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ ticketing portal during the specified sales phases. In addition, from 18 October 2022 they may visit the FIFA Main Ticketing Centre (Doha Exhibition & Convention Center – DECC), or visit the FIFA Ticketing Centre (Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena - ABHA Arena in Al Sadd) from 30 October 2022 to purchase Accessibility Tickets over the counter (subject to availability). 

All customers applying for or purchasing Accessibility Tickets must provide proof of eligibility to prove that they are eligible to purchase them. Please make sure you can upload your proof of eligibility as you will be asked for it during the ticket application process. For online sales in, your eligibility will be verified by a dedicated team. For over the counter sales, your original proof of eligibility will be verified in real time by the ticketing staff.

For Wheelchair User, Easy Access Standard, Easy Access Amenity or Sensory Room tickets, the following documents providing proof of eligibility are accepted (please note that permits for accessible parking will not be accepted as valid proof):

  • Qatari customers: certificate of degree of disability or a medical certificate
  • International customers: medical certificate or proof of disability that is commonly and widely accepted in the customer’s country of residence
For Easy Access Extra-Width tickets, only the following proof of eligibility document will be accepted:
  • Qatari and international customers: a signed doctor’s note stating the customer’s BMI will be required. The minimum BMI to be eligible for an Easy Access Extra-Width ticket is 40kg/m².

Upon entrance to the stadium and at all times, Accessibility Ticket holders must always carry and present, upon request, their proof of eligibility documents. 

Please note that the various categories of Accessibility Tickets listed above are all available to the general public as Individual Match Tickets. Supporter Tickets, Conditional Supporter Tickets, Team Specific Ticket Series and Four-Stadium Ticket Series were available in each category of Accessibility Tickets except Sensory Rooms.

Please be respectful to other fans and only apply for these tickets if you truly require them. They are limited in number due to stadium configuration.

For further ticketing information and updates concerning Accessibility Tickets for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, please visit regularly.